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  • 26-Dec-2014

Good Makers ColLaboratory-


GoodMakersColLaboratory is "creative placemaking" bringing a vacant,historic DePere,WI school to life as an uplifting community makerspace using the Benefit corporation business model.Where Creativity and Collaboration Collide!Positive Connections Building Community Creative Solutions. BUILD,CREATE,MAKE-build relationships,create your vision, make a difference! We offer:'Passports to learning"-( membership levels), classes/workshops, events, local artisan retail shoppe,artisan bakery/cafe,leased coworking spaces,bench/tool rental per hour. We are 'social making in progress', a playground for the mind! We provide space,resources,experiences that encourage new interests,develop skills,facilitate lifelong/hands on learning,ignite passion, help others find their creative voice. Our audience/customers are families, with young children seeking opportunities to build,create,make together. Don't have the equipment,workshop or skill to enjoy a variety of new hobbies?-we make it possible to learn something new everyday,share meaningful experiences with friends & family across the lifespan, even develop a hobby into a source of family income. DePere/Brown County,WI is largely middle class,65% of the population are 'families'-63,721,with 33% or 32,474 families having kids under age 18.Median household income is $53.119,mean =$69,336.We are allying with several existing organizations- (4H,Scouting troops, schools,childcares,churches, learning in retirement, art entities,etc) to draw in/engage their audiences synergetically. We'll heavily use social media/community publications for marketing. Competition is ArtsGarage/NWTC artisan center,Childrens Museum,Painting Pottery, Kroc Center. Our Benefit is 'profit for purpose' with a % of our profits pledged to area nonprofits.Triple bottom line sustainability,& our seamless "zero to maker to market" approach is unlike any in this area.We make it easy/fun to be Good stewards of our recources.A truly Good business models Love in action!


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Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Families (parents & grandparents) with children who enjoy learning, the arts, creativity, shared experiences, building relationships and doing Good for the community. Singles, entrepreneurs, makers, creatives and the elderly will also seek out and benefit from diverse learning activities promoting creative expression.We will also satisfy/cater to the customer seeking locally sourced goods, or gifts with Wisconsin heritage ties.('Made locally' gift baskets etc.)

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

This solves the problem of where/how to share in creative learning experiences together as a family, as neighbors,as a group. It provides project based, hands on, lifelong learning experiences whereby anyone can walk in and learn something new every day. We offer 'Social Making', building friendships, encouraging new hobbies, which ultimately can lead to an actual source of income for a 'maker'. No one in this area has the "zero to maker to market' encouraging, supportive 'social making' atmosphere.We will also house a local artisan market/retail shoppe where all our products are locally made or local heritage themed to celebrate our history and regionally grown creativity/talent. Where else can you find gifts/books/music/crafts/art/clothing/goods from local artisans all in one space? All Wisconsin All the time! We model good stewardship of our resources, while making it easy and fun for anyone to be a Difference Maker!

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

Triple bottom line sustainability, transparency in leadership and fiscal responsibility, a wide variety of learning opportunities,an interactive teaching/learning calendar that provides 'teachers' a platform to teach their craft, and learners an inexpensive or free source of education in the creative arts, or workshop skills. The entire facility will provide a much needed space to build community, share community events- welcome in playgroups, mens' groups, homeschool/afterschool activities and more. This facility will make possible creative collaboration, sharing of ideas in an open, accepting, nonthreatening/nonjudgemental atmosphere where we are modeling love in action-Love of our neighbors, love of community, love of learning, love of this planet and Love because we need more Goodness in the world. Love is always the answer. We will be encouragement,caring and love in action

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

Our team is highly talented in the arts, but also experienced in entrepreneurial endeavors. We pride ourselves on a vast pool of advisors and mentors, with proven track records in the business community. We will offer daily inspiration prompts to inspire/engage our audience and provide community education on the merits of 'making', creative reuse, hands on building, brain agility and the whole "maker movement". It is changing education and the world in general.This is a new market, with no similar businesses within a100 mile radius or more- yet our team has done extensive research, with support from successful 'makerspaces' in other areas. We are all local residents with a commitment to establishing a hub of creativity, a community center through which our guests/families can build strong positive connections,embrace creative expression to enhance well being and have fun learning to be good stewards of our resources-not just this planet but also our heritage, our stories,ideas,creativity but also our people, the kids, our elders and the vulnerable. We have extensive alliances with area organizations and creatives who believe such a community space is much needed and will be well supported. We are a group of purpose driven, social entrepreneurs who believe a valued based business is Good business, good for the community and good for mankind.