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  • 30-Oct-2014



WEWE: Worldwide Empowermen of Women Engineers.

Our solution will unfold through a partnership with the WISER NGO, an organization that has founded a school and center for innovation in Muhuru Bay. This organization serves to further the education of secondary school aged girls in this community who are typically not given the same educational opportunities as boys. This past summer, we worked with faculty at the school to implement an engineering club there, which kicked up with a six week engineering module centered around renewable energy and light. The end project of this module was to create a mechanically powered flashlight with locally available materials. This test run was ultimately successful, with students constructing over 25 functional flashlights, which are still frequently used at the school during blackouts. Despite the fact that these light sources are handmade and therefore not necessarily as durable as something that was manufactured in a factory, the students have been successful in repairing any broken light sources quickly and putting them back into service. As designers and creators of these flashlights, the students have an intimate knowledge of the workings of the flashlight, which proves invaluable for repairs.


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