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    Date submitted
  • 16-Dec-2014

Foodture: the future of the past


Foodture is a digital platform that will give a service to food consumers and productors that research a green way to their food business, and a sensibilization about the biological diet and the 0 Km marketplace, by EPGs (Ethical Purchasing Groups), schools and food industries engagement. The platform will be linked directly to Europeana Food and Drink's archive; the users could: refer the database; update Foodture's or Europeana Food and Drink's archive with informations, histories, storytellings or recipes about each food; buy and sell ethics and ecological goods; advertise their business, share their recipes and their feedbacks and comments about other users and deal to the Foodture's challenges. The Platform may be reach by an app too, which give more informations about position and accessibility's platform's users throught their GPS.

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