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    Date submitted
  • 30-Oct-2014

CPS Biofuels, Inc.


The novelty and focus of CPS Biofuels, Inc. is to convert the waste byproduct glycerol from the biodiesel process into a fuel oxygenate for gasoline powered vehicles and small engines to improve fuel performance, fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Proof-of-concept work by CPS on the synthesis and performance of CPS GTBE, was performed in 2008. CPS GTBE (CAS Number RN 79808030-3) is synthesized to be the glycerol di-tertiary butyl ether, thereby having low water solubility, good fuel solubility and low toxicity. CPS GTBE at 2% in E10 gasoline was evaluated as an octane enhancement by Panair Laboratory, Inc. of Miami, Florida. The testing showed that the CPS GTBE additive provided significant octane improvement.


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